Miami Lakes Lake Glenn Ellen
Homeowners Association

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Miami Lakes Lake Glenn Ellen

Miami Lakes Lake Glenn Ellen Homeowners Association consists of a  neighborhood of 141 single-family homes. The first homes in the community were built in 1980. The community is located in the western portion of Miami Lakes. Its boundary on the east is N.W. 82 Avenue, on the north is N.W. 154 Street, on the west is N.W. 87 Avenue, and on the south is Dundee Terrace. It is surrounded on the east, north, and west by the Lake Glenn Ellen perimeter wall. There are 53 homes adjacent to the perimeter wall. On the south, we share Dundee Terrace with Lake Sandra and Lake Cynthia HOAs. There are 88 homes surrounding Lake Glenn Ellen, 81 with access to the lake. There is also access to Lake Glenn Ellen at the two beaches at the east end, Menteith Place and Glenny Terrace, and at the west end, Menteith Terrace and  Dunbarton Place. There are small pocket parks and playgrounds in the community. The Town of Miami Lakes owns these playgrounds and the two beaches. All properties pay the same yearly assessments, regardless of their location in the community, whether they are on the lake, on the wall, or are dry lots not next to the lake or dry lots not on the wall.

Miami Lakes Lake Glenn Ellen is a Deed Restricted Community with a Board of Directors. The purpose of the Board is to maintain the community’s appearance by enforcing the Miami Lakes Lake Glenn Ellen HOA Governing Documents. The Board is also responsible for maintaining Lake Glenn Ellen and the surrounding perimeter wall. Although the Board maintains the lake and wall, the Association does not own any property.

Miami Lakes Lake Glenn Ellen is part of a Guard Gate Special Taxing District. All owners are charged an annual assessment for maintaining a gated area near the community entrance. All local streets in the community are public streets and are freely accessed by all vehicles.  The sole purpose of the guards is to record the tag numbers of vehicles entering the visitors’ lanes. Six other HOAs are part of the special taxing district.

Assessment 2023-24 Letter: Download